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About Us
  Rika Trading L.L.C. is a leading Building Materials Company in Dubai. This is owned by a renowned business family in Dubai with diversified business activities. Our trading division started in the year 1996. We have showroom in Dubai with a dominant market share in Dubai. 

We are importing material from countries like Indonesia, Holland, China, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Italy etc.

We are dealing with the following items:
  • OP Cement, SR Cement, White Cement, GGBS, Micro Silica
  • Silicone Sealants RT 1200, Adhesives and Glues (Wood fix, Vambond, Bison kit etc)
  • Masking Tapes, Aluminum Tapes, Duct Tapes, BOPP tapes (RT1200) 
  • Paints (National, Jotun), Spray Paints RT 1200
  • G.I. binding wire 
  • Wire Nails, Steel Nails and Concrete Nails
  • Hessian Cloth 
  • Polythene Sheet
  • Marine Plywood, Commercial Plywood
  • Wheel Barrows (Indonesia, France, China etc.) 
  • Safety Helmets, Safety Shoes and other safety items 
  • Traffic Cones (Reflective) 
  • Tile Glue, Bitumen, Bonding agents 
  • All Construction Materials

We are major supplies in all land mark projects in Dubai such as Burj Dubai, Dubai international airport terminal, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Snow centre etc. 

We have well trained customer support team with timely delivery support at your site. We do take supply contract to whole projects also. 

Our Major Imports are as follows:

  • G.I.Binding wire 16, 18, 20 Guage
  • Wire Nails 
  • Dotted Gloves, Yellow Gloves
  • Artco wheel Barrow - Indonesia 
  • Hammerlin (France-model) 
  • Safety Cones (Traffic cones) 
  • Safety shoes & Helmets 
  • Hessian Cloth 
  • Tie rod and fittings 
  • Gypsum Powder (Iran and Saudi)
  • Green Shade Netting
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